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KAV install and patch file source

  • Can someone 'splain to me why the KAV install doesn't use the setup patch file source and insists on downloading itself from my KServer 131 times during this deploy? Crying




  • Because it's not supported yet

  • Does anyone have an idea when this feature will be available? I really quite like the Kaspersky based agent but deploying to remote sites is so slow.

  • From my understanding, this should be available in KAV 1.2.

  • Any ideas on when that might be released?

  • It is not available in KAV 1.2. What they've done instead is give you a couple pre-created scripts you can import and run to pre-populate the KAV files on a central share at a client site, and then have your other agents copy the files from that central share. Much more clunky than just using the file source, but it does seem to work well once it's setup.

    Here's the KB article on how to configure it.   community.kaseya.com/.../how-do-i-pre-deploy-the-kav-installer-package-to-endpoints.aspx

  • Thanks so much for your replies. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now.

    I have another question. Where can I download KAV 1.2? I've seen the release notes for it and it says that it's available in October. When I go to the download center I can only 1.1 available for download.

  • It's not in general release yet that I'm aware of, which means it won't be on their site. You would need to contact your account rep and see if you can get in the controlled release, and if they let you then you'll get a link to download the installer.