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POLL: What features would you like to see in the next release of KAV

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    What features would you like to see in the next release of KAV?


    We are working hard on the next release of Kaseya Antivirus.  For this coming release, we can include either KAV for Windows Server 2000, 2003, and 2008 or KAV for Mailbox protection for Microsoft Exchange.  Which would functionality would you prefer next?


    • KAV for Windows Server 2000, 2003, and 2008 (94.9%)
    • KAV for Mailbox protection for Microsoft Exchange Server (5.1%)
    • Total Votes: 59

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  • Thanks for turning the comment feature on :-)

    I really cant see this as a decision.  The enable KAV for servers will benefit many more installations than exchange server would.  We probably wont even use the Exchange security option but are desperate for around 100 server installations.  Thanks.

  • I would go with windows version.  We typically have antispam and antivirus with exchange with symantec or trend.   I would like to see the antispam and antivirus for exchange and not just a half a solution.   If we provide the solution thru 3rd party internet sites they will do the antispam and antivirus scanning as a package deal.

  • I don't see many ppl run their exchange on workstation OS's (if that is even possible) so it makes sense to get the server version out of the way.

    Hopefully the false alerts issue gets sorted soon...

  • @HardKnoX - tru that....but the exchange support would be for the db/mailboxes.  

  • About 98% of our clients use cloud based email filtering / Email AV so exchange features to us would be fairly useless but AV for servers well we have a lot of servers so defnitely useful and really needed - it is currently only half a solution as if we sell to clients we can't protect servers.

  • I'd love to see an installation process that works

  • I voted for the Server version, seems like an obvious choice. However, the biggest thing we need to see at this point is an alerting section so we know when viruses/malware are detected and not cleaned, definitions are outdated, etc... I'm sitting on 2,000 licenses that I can't deploy because this feature is missing, and I would have a hell of a time explaining to my clients why we had no idea what's going on with their AV software, unless we want to sit and manually check the Kaseya portal all the time.

  • Server version is probably obvious.  But i do want that exchange module and be able to transfer my unused KES Exchange licenses so that I get some benefit out of that money I spent a few years ago and couldn't trust AVG to do the job.

  • Wouldn't Exchange support before Server OS support be putting the cart before the horse? It seems obvious that you should want the server OS protected (thinking user drives in a file server) before you want Exchange when you already have mailbox AV support on the desktop client.

    I'm shocked the question even needs to be asked!

  • @Skaufmann: me too !

  • As an IT Center user, I am patiently waiting for KAV to be turned on at all in IT Center. Once it is, it would be useful to be able to protect Server OS machines. I set up all of my clients with cloud-based spam and AV for email. This one-step alone allows the companies to safely host their own email server solutions or not, and not have to worry about dropped emails because their own email servers may have been unreachable. MAILROUTE or POSTINI will queue the mail until the local server is responding again.

  • I would say getting a server version of this done should be a priority as when I purchased the licenses for my server, it "was" working on servers, that was prior to you folks turning that feature off.

  • I'd love to see the exchange version but seems pointless if I can't protect the rest of the server with the same AV product. So I guess its a natural evolution thing that the general server protection needs to be released before exchange protection...

  • I agree ispire - AVG exchange is a virus in itself.