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KAV Install Failing

  • I recently joined a team where not many people have experience working with Kaseya (a lot of us are new to the company) and I've come across 3 workstations that we cannot get KAV to install on. If we run the install package manually or through the VSA, we receive the same error message: "Anti-virus databases are required to install the application. Contact your system administrator."

    I have copied over all the Kaspersky directories that I could find from a working machine. Anyone have any ideas? Also, FYI they are all Win7 x64 machines that currently do not have any version of KAV installed on them.

  • I experienced the same issue. If you look at the kav_install.log file, are you seeing errors with resolving the installation source?


    MSI (s) (C0:C8) [17:13:48:854]: SOURCEMGMT: Failed to resolve source


    I got around this issue temporarily by copying kes10win.msi, bases.cab and cleaner cab to the C:\windows\installer folder.  Once done, I was able to complete a manual install and connect it to the VSA..  (This is still a manual install and not supported by Kaseya)...

    I was going to troubleshoot the issue further (we had a case open under ticket number #161246) but the issue resolved itself.

  • Hi MEALSOLUTIONS /  rsumara,

    Could you confirm what version of the VSA  and KAV (Classic or New) you are using?



  • Thanks for the replies. I also opened a case with Kaseya support and for 2 of our machines, we had to run the Kaspersky uninstall/removal tool. The third machine is still having issues and I'm planning on running a procedure to remove any previous Kaspersky registry entries.

    Charles, we are using Patch Level and System Version

    The ultimate goal was to install KAV Classic and then upgrade to the new KAV.


    Just curious why would you want to install KAV Classic and upgrade, instead of just installing new KAV?

    Plus did removing the Kaspersky reg entries on that machine solve your issue?


    Just curious, why would you want to install classic then upgrade to new instead of just installing new?

    Plus were you able to get the machine working after removing the Kaspersky registry entries?

  • Charles,  I had no intention of installing KAV Classic first. That's what the Kaseya support representative instructed me to do. After running the procedure, I was still unable to schedule the KAV Classic install through the VSA. I then decided to go ahead and try the new KAV and it ran and installed just fine. I have no idea why KAV Classic wouldn't even schedule. The support rep said because there were still registry values on the machine for KAV Classic.