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Does KAV / KAM Work ?

  • I have been wrestling with KAV from day one. Installs hose up, components suddenly stop working, a never ending battle. Now, I find out the prices went up, there is no alerts on expired licenses, no for warnings that licenses will expire, the list goes on, not to mention the amount of time to constantly fix this thing. KAM is another issue as well.

    Does anyone actually have KAM/KAV  work on a stabile basis and not spending a ton of time trying to fix it?

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  • Define Work?   Yea it might install, after you log onto every PC and manually run removal tools to remove any traces of previous installed AV software, then the Skins might not work and you'll have the stock Kaspersky icon in system tray and License tab show up in Kaspersky interface. So you can re-install it a 2nd time to get lucky and it will apply the skin correctly. Then you might run into problems with it updating, once you get past that you enable components and realize that using all the companents is a big PITA that annoys and locks down the users even more than a Trojan would, so you disable all but FIle AV and Anti-Spyware so now nothing is doing a real time scan and the PCs are never available for hours at a time to schedule a scan so the AV just sits there doing nothing.  That is my defintion of KAV working. Awesome progress after two years eh?

  • I agree with Tim, i have our deployment semi-working. However, i have that bad feeling that one day its going to break and i will have to spend the day fixing it. Someone in Kaseya and/or Kaspersky is NOT getting IT. I am hesitant to recommend the product when i know that ultimately, i dont feel 100% that the product works, installs, behaves the way it should. This could be SOOOOO much better, right now it is NOT.

  • WORD!!! I wish I could say that "i will have to spend the day fixing it."  when right now I spend as many hours as I am able every day fixing something. I have configured profiles for specific clients and they install fine until one day all components are disabled, I do a reinstall it fails, I uninstall, that seems to work so then I try to install again and oh surprise it fails.

    I am not feeling vey secure or happy with KAV, we, (my co-workers and I), really like Kasperskt but wow did we ever lose all control over this AV compared to using AVG which did not work to catch anything.

    Like you guys I hope something changes soon so that I can concentrate on other aspects of Kaseya.


  • Yea they really take the Management part right out with it.  I would rather have no AV on any of the PCs and just spend my time cleaning up PCs after they get infected, my time would be way better off since they are still getting infected with AV anyways.

    But its been over two years now that this product has been out and its like we're back at step 1 trying to get it to install correctly. Its the same cycle with every other module in Kaseya, they put all this time and effort into a new Module then just pull people away and throw them into another module and leave a few people behind to deal with the mess that was created and it never gets finished. If they just focused on one module at a time and work on it until it is complete then we might get some things to work around here.