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  • Hi there we're very new to Kaseya and we're only a small tech company supporting mainly small business with standard kinds of stuff like Server 2003, XP Pro, Exchange etc.. etc..

    I'm wondering if anybody can suggest a list of categories to use in the ticketing system - we've never used a support application before so this is totally new to us.

    Help appreciated.

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  • You could start with the basics, such as Support request, user enviroment issue, Hardware request, software request, and expand the list as you begin to see issues that do not fit your current list. The idea being to be able to pinpoint certain patterns that your customers are having.

    For example if over the next few months you begin to see that lots of your support requests are on Exchange or Outlook issues, and you have no such category , then to get the proper metrics for that customer you can go in a create this catergory. Its not an exactscience but a tool to help you gain a better understanding of the issues you are encountering and to better help you anticipate your customers needs.

    I hope this helps in some way.

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