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Exchange Server Issues with Ticketing

  • I have Kaseya2 using an exchange account to sent alerts/emails, etc. This works fine.

    I have another exchange account to receive emails for support questions, which also works and generates tickets fine.

    What does NOT work is notifications going out from those newly created tickets to anyone at all. The person who sent the email, or assigned techs, nothing goes.

    I can manually send email from the main admin account I set up for Kaseya to the same email address that was used for sending to the ticket system. The manual emails go through fine, but the ones generated from Kaseya ticketing do not go through.

    I am baffled and have googled this plenty, and will continue, but if anyone has any clues I'd be very happy and likely save a lot of time and pain.


    ~ Tom

  • what exchange version are you on? 2010? did you enable relaying to external domains?