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Email Reader in Ticketing Succeeds but doesn't work.

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Hi All,

Setting up the email reader.  It connects to an Exchange Server account.

POP is enabled.

Telnet succeeds

Connect Now  also succeeds.

But the 5 minute check-in always fails with:

       06/21/2011 18:02:51 wodPop3 Error: Invalid login or password.

       06/21/2011 18:02:51 0 Emails, 0 Tickets Added, 0 Tickets Updated

       06/21/2011 18:02:51 KEmailReader Ends


I can access this account via my email client and see emails that have been sent to it. 

Credentials have been checked and double-checked.

Exchange Server POP3 service restarted

Entire Exchange Server restarted.

Connect Now  still succeeds every time, but not an actual check.



~ Tom

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  • Resolved!

  • tommy.fr, this is on my to-do list, so could you share what resolved it for me in case I run into the same issue?

  • Thorough verification of Exchange Server settings and subsequent restart of Exchange resolved it. Assuming it was an exchange issue, but no obvious settings were wrong.