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Excluding Events from Event Sets

  • Has anyone tried excluding application events from the event log reports?

    I'm trying to exclude TermServDevices with the Event ID 1111 (the pull of printers along with drivers that aren't installed on the server), but I don't see a way to perform a NOT/! operation on a new event set.

    Ideally we'd like to be able to have a report delivered of any critical errors on devices we're managing over the past day for reference.

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  • exceptions.bmp
    We preform this by creating a "master exception list" and then one "exception list" per machine group or customer. The master list is for stuff we want to ignore globally.

    In the exception lists we include errors we DO NOT want to know about or just want to ignore completely and then apply that Event set to each computer desired.

    The attached picture will help, particularly the "ignore" check box.

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  • Thanks for the information, we've got something similar going...HOWEVER...

    Such a filter only seems to apply to actual live alerts, not an event set when reporting. At least, when I use the Ignore flag I still see the targeted events listed in the report (though the Ignore does block alerts from being sent for monitoring).

    Any other suggestions?

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  • Sounds like a feature request.

    Though I would say, it has been very quiet on the Kaseya Development front.

    Went to the user conference, heard alot of great stuff, but have seen nothing new since then.

    I figure that they are making so many changes to the underlying structure of Kaseya, that we should not expect much for at least a year.

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