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Executive Summary Report - Modify Parameters for Disk Space Used

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I would like to modify the Disk Space Used Parameters in the Executive Summary Report of Kaseya; below is how I would like to see the bar colors;

Used Space is 95% or above - RED
Used Space is 90% or above - ORANGE/AMBER
Used Space is 85% or above - YELLOW
Used Space is less than 85% - GREEN

Can this be done and how?

added bar colors
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  • Info Center > Reporting > Reports

    Select the report you want to edit...

    Edit > Report Parameters > Network Health

    You can change the numbers there.  This will only change the individual report.  I am not sure if you can change the default parameters for the report template Executive Summary or not.

  • Thanks,

    Tried this, however this only changes the Network Health Score table details for Disk Score.

  • Understood.  I thought the numbers most likely corresponded to the colors.  In that case, I am interested in knowing if it can be changed as well.

  • Hello mayureshtikam,

    You could change the colours but only if you are on prem and want to change the report in the orginal RDL files. There is a folder in Kaseya root a folder with the name Report in that folder there arefiles that generate the Execution report in those files you could change the CSS colours, but reminder with an Update/Upgrade Kaseya could overwrite you changes and you can break the report always make a copy.