We are currently in the final phase of implementing Kaseya for our remote monitoring needs and we're having quite some trouble with the reports module. We use Kaseya predominantly for hardware monitoring of remote digital signage installations, so the hardware data is of highest interest to us.

Our plan was to hand our customers a weekly / monthly report that shows an overall uptime percentage, lists hardware data (such as CPU load, CPU temp, free RAM %...) showing the top 10 devices with issues in the respective category, contains some sort of prediction of machines that might fail soon using the historical data of the past weeks / months to show devices that are deteriorating, as well as an overview tickets / alerts and the reaction / solution time. The basic idea is to show that everything was / is up and running and which devices or installations might need some improvement (some of our devices are in locations with bad connectivity / limited space, something we cannot easily change).

How would we go about implementing this? Has one of you already implemented something similar? I've tried for several hours to use custom reports for that, but found it seriously hard to get anywhere.