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Getting a filename into a custom field

  • Hi everyone, not sure this is the right spot, so let me know if i need to move it.

    i am looking to get a specific file name from the endpoint into a custom field in Kaseya. the file is in a specific directory that never changes and the name of the file is always <###.id>. i'd like to pull that and put it directly into a custom field. 

    how, if at all, is this possible to get that file name from the directory structure into a custom field?

  • Step 1: Execute shell command to variable, shell command should be: dir /b <specific directory>\*.id

    Step 2: Update system info - nominate your custom field and populate it with #global:cmdresults#

    I think this should work OK if there is only one .id file in the directory. Test on one or two agents first. :)

  • Never Mind.  I found the answer and I can't delete this post.

    How would a custom field be changed to a registry key? IE:  HKEY_LocalMachine\System?  Be gentle.  I'm  new to Kaseya and not a scriptor.  :-)

    Never Mind. I found the answer and I can't delete this post.
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