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NOC based on VSA API

  • Hi All,

    based on this post I figured I'd also share with the community, I'm working on a NOC based on the VSA WS API, as we on the SaaS side of things are not allowed direct acces on the DB.

    I will share the source code soon in the hopes others are intrested - First I'll have to clean it up.

    The NOC has all the functions you see in the screenshot, the big green checkmark turns into a red X as soon as a critical alert is captured. This alert also is marked in red text.

    My only question is if Kaseya will ever update the VSA Webbased API to be able to see which alarms are currently closed. this is in the DB but not exposed by the API. I believe thats my biggest wish and it should even be very simple to implement in the existing API without breaking anyone else's code!

  • Hi Kelvin. Your NOC screen looks pretty good. I don't think the API has changed much over the years so I don't think that should be a problem for you.

  • Very good, Kevin.

    When you feel comfortable to share your creation, all members will be grateful.


  • Fernando Wiek
    When you feel comfortable to share your creation, all members will be grateful.

    +1 Smile

  • Hi guys!

    Sorry about not responding for a while. I am working with Kaseya Support to resolve a major issue with the API before I can post the code. I hope Kaseya has it resolved next week.


  • For those not on SaaS, I will have a new release of the on premise NOC code out this week. Watch the original thread for more details.

    I'm very impressed with Kelvin's work -- I looked at using the API for my NOC code, but found it far too limiting and difficult to work with (only a small subset of the database is available through the API); the fact that Kelvin's built anything useful using the API alone, is very impressive indeed. Well done!!

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the words of praise! in the start I was also very upset with the way the API worked, I've contacted support about this and they have made some changes which will be rolled out shortly. We've also found a security issue which is why I am unable to release yet.

    Thank you for the original release! It really helps to have these examples ready and just make them API compatible.