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Changing Reports to Row vs Column structure. How?

  • I do have a question, not sure if this can be done.

    I want to generate a ‘Contact Sheet’ about a customer, that we would put in a binder, etc.

    The information is in Kaseya, so thought about the reports, but they list data in column form not row, so does not look right.

    Any suggestions?


    Looking for something like:

    Organization:                    Wonderful Customer

    Organization Type:          Gold Customer

    Primary Contact:              Joe Smith

    Primary Email:                  Joe Smith@email.com



    Site Network Information:

    Domain:                               customer-domain.local

    IP Scope:                  


    DHCP Server:          

    DNS Server:             

    WINS Server:           



    Discovered Endpoints:

    SBS1                                      2008       Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 R2

    PS1                                         2003       Microsoft Server 2003

    Joe-PC                                  XP           Microsoft Windows XP

    Sam-PC                                7              Microsoft Windows 7



    That last section is simple, but the other two are row-oriented vs column oriented.

  • I think it is to do with the SQL query used in the reports and they are using a list view instead of a proper table view.

    They will more than likely tell you that its a feature request. I would like to see the ability to do this too so count me as +1

  • Oh Wow.

    I had the exact same question and decided to search the forums. TADA! arrived here.

    +1 for me to.... even though I'm 6 months too late. But alas, this has not fallen on the right ears it seems.

    Can anyone comment on this, if its in progress or a request got somewhere?

  • Feature request is in on ticket CS188577.

    I doubt anything will happen for at least a few months with the talk going on around the place and a reporting upgrade was announced in the forums over 8 months ago but never delivered.