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Response Time in Service Desk

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Hi Chad,

Is there any way to get the response time of the Ticket in SD. 

We have a resolution field in SD, using that we are able to get the Resolution SLA. But to get the response time of the ticket what is the report to look out for. I want this feature in both SaaS as well as in on premise model as we are supporting both type of customers. Please let us know how to achieve the same.


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  • Jayseelan,

    I believe you can do this using the fields below, but to be honest I have not attempted this in the past.  The issues I see is that "Response Time" would be a calculated value and I do not believe we keep this anywhere.  I wil ask around to see about this.  In the meantime, you may want to dig through these.

  • Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the above info but it will not give me an option to generate a report based on response SLA. Currently any Service Desk that is available in the Market has both response and Resolution SLA and the customers are also expecting the SLA for both as a basic requirement. It would be great if we have both response and resolution SLA in the SD report then there is no other Service Desk can match the capabilities of Kaseya due to our automation capabilities.

    I have already raised a ticket CS161801, for the same and it is currently assigned to John. Following is the expectation from our side.

    If kaseya gives an additional field like "Response" similar to "Resolution", then the technician will enter the initial response in that field. This response field should be attached to the "New" or "Begin" Stage. So the "New" or "Begin" stage goal time of the ticket will be the "Response Due Date". Then the reporting can be easy by kaseya itself.

    Please check this feasibility of adding this feature which will simplify the reporting and matches the customer requirements.


  • I am following up on this ticket now.  Thank you for creating it as it helps me get things liked this pushed through when possible.