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How to get the Correct MS office License Count. Three reports give three different data

  • There are three types of report available to get MS office license but all three gives different count. 1. Executive Summary. 2. Audit -> Add/Remove Programs 3. Audit -> Software Licenses. How to get the exact Microsoft Office license count. 

    Executive summary gives only the count. So if we have to get the details of the machines and the product key we have to rely on the audit -> s/w licenses report but the count between executive summary and the s/w license report is completely different.

    If anyone has created a report which shows the same count for both executive summary and software license summary please share the same. 

  • any update on this ?

  • In SQL, when i checked the Stored procedure which is created for executive summary license details it is pulling the correct count by Joining the tables of License and the add/remove programs data.  Is there any common Join sql query can be used to get the correct count for office licenses which matches exactly the Executive Summary license count. I hope people who are good at SQL query can acheive this