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AV (anti-Virus) Reporting/Monitoring/View

  • I find it hard to believe Kaseya doesnt have a "View" or a way to get a list of workstations that do not have any anti-virus installed. I used this script - http://community.kaseya.com/resources/m/knowexch/57536.aspx?PageIndex=4#comments - but everything comes back with "Antivirus Product Not Found" for every machine. We are using AVG thru Kaseya and its a even mix between WinXP and Win7 machines.

    The security module is very limited on how you can filter out the machines, and it has no way to create reports on which workstations are not secured. It really has no information we need.

  • I can also agree with this. I would love to see a way to create a report for machines missing virus scanners. I am trying to do this for virus scanners and other applications and I cannot seem to get this to work correctly.

  • Procedure Check KES-KAM Status.xml

    Try this script. Create two custom fields called "AVG Status" and "KAM Status"

    Then you can run reports based on these custom fields

  • that worked pretty well. I think i may have to add a few more AV to check but overall i think it gets a good base down. thanks!

  • thanks for that script.  works quite well.  I've also created one for our backup products now.