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Report to generate tickets with Breached SLAs

  • Can Someone please help me with my report? I'm trying to create a report where the results are tickets that reached its goal time. How am i going to configure that? What Fields and aggregates to choose? 

    I tried creating report but its seems dull and I wanted to make it more meaningful. It just displays the Created DateTime, Modified DateTime and DueDateTime. But I still have problems, Due DateTime won't appear in the report even though it is visible in the tickets. What seems o be the problem? Please see the photo below.

    I hope you can help me with my 2 queries. Thank you.

  • Hi Caye,

    There is a data set named "Ticket Summary" which has the column named "SLA Breached". You can filter the tickets based on this column which will give you the list of tickets which has missed the resolution SLA.  I think this column is added very recently and i found this only today. I hope this helps.

    Let me know if it resolves your query. Thanks

  • Jayaseelan.p

    can you explain how the SLA Breached fields works, i.e. what is actually happening to change it to yes or no

    I have ran a report over the month and as much as I would like to believe there has been no breachers I cant believe there hasnt been - yet the report says there were no breachers.

  • Yes. You are correct. There is a bug in the SD Reports. If you dont close the ticket you will get the correct SLA breached Tickets. If you close it then all the tickets will fall in to the non breached category. You can review the below forum and i have raised the ticket for the same.