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Need help creating a report to pull workstation names without a specific application installed

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I am slightly new to the whole Kaseya world and we just upgraded to version 6.3 here a week or so ago.


I am wondering how to create a report to pull all the machine names of computers that dont have a specific program installed? I have successfully pulled then names of the ones that have the program installed and I have also tried the view option where you limit it to the missing application, but that didnt pull up any machines.

Any help or ideas on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Can you post a screenshot of your view ?

    Have you schedule the audit to this machine ?

  • Jordan,

    This is very easy to do.  If you are using the new Report Parts menu to build a Table Report Part you will get exactly what you need.  On the third page of the Table Report Part configuration wizard you will see an Advanced Filtering section.  You can use the logic in there to give you the data you need.