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  • I've just been going through the mundane task of creating our yearly client reports. In this report we have a section which outlines their Exchange store size & top 10 mailboxes by size which are graphed via Microsoft Charts.

    At current we are putting this all together with powershell, but its still a fairly manual process. What I'd like to see in 6.3 reporting is the option to push this data back to the Kserver and then do the reporting from there. As this would then provide historical data which we can also trend on. I'm sure I can do all this with powershell, but figured this would be a issue for lots of others out there.

    The more useful data we can get into Kaseya for reporting the better!

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  • Procedure Audit- Mailbox Sizes.xml

    There's a procedure for that :-).

    This script will determine the version of Exchange and then generate a csv report of the mailbox sizes. The results go to Audit > Documents in Kaseya.

  • You'll also need to attach the vbs and ps1 files Walter.

  • Procedure Audit- Mailbox Sizes.zip

    Don't spoil it for me now, I honestly stole this procedure from these forums.

    Please allow me to forget some things every now and then (especialy just a few days after new years eve Big SmileBeer).

  • In preparation for 6.3.  If you write the Exchange Store Size value to a machine's custom field in Audit, you will be able to report on it in 6.3 .  As far as the individual mailbox sizes, the only creative thing I could think of would be a script smart enough to know which machine the mailbox is tied to and write the value to a custom field in Audit.  Obviously if the user is logged into multiple machines you would could duplicate data, but there could be a solution there with a bit more work and thought put into it.  

    In 6.3 the reporting system can report on any field exposed through the system UI.  Lately I have had requestes for values that are not currently in the UI such as a calculated field.  The specific example was Percentage of Free Space on a specified drive.  The good news is I was able to submit a feature request to our engineering team and have this calculated field added to the Disk Volumes dataset under the Audit folder on the Report Parts menu in Info Center.  I tell you this example in hopes that you can begin to wrap your head around how the new system is structured.  I have found it to be very powerful, but it does take some time to really "get it".  

  • There's no possibility of having an extra table added to the database and reporting from there? Or would this purely be a non-support idea if one was to go down that track.

  • At this time there is no "supported" way to do this.  If you understand how to use a Link server in SQL then you may be able to accomplish what you are looking for.  Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the process to educate you on it.