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Uptime Reports... for Services and Applications

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I love the way Uptime Reports looks. A simple graph of when the server was up and down.

Monitor Set reports for a set that monitors a service or process... not so much. It's a list of whether the service was up or down, based on how often it checks.

Is there a way to get this report to only show times when the service stops, and starts back up? I'm trying to make an easy-to-read report showing just the downtimes.

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  • ... just the downtimes for select services."

    I meant to say.

  • CTown, this is a great recommendation as it allows you to visibly report on the downtime of a particular "sla" you are trying to meet.  I am not clear, at this time, how difficult it would be to pull something like this off, but I will add it to my notes for discussion with the team and see if we can't get it in as a feature request.