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Find Endpoints with missing program or where program is not installed.

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I"m looking to run a report that lists endpoints by org that don't have BitDefender installed.  I can use an advanced filter, but that just omits bitDefender even though its installed.  Stumped on this one and could really use some help. I can run reports fine that show me where it is installed, just not where it isn't and it seems to be something easy to do, but I've spent hours trying to no avail.



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  • , there are a couple of ways to tackle this.   First would be to create a view, but not use the advanced filter, use the standard "Application" Filter... Click the "missing application" box and put the name of the bitdefender.exe in there.   The negative of doing this is that these filters are dependant on the last successful audit that has been run, so if you update a machine, it will still show as not being installed until after the Latest Audit is run.

    2nd way to tackle it (and my preferred way), is to create an audit script (agent procedure).   I usually have the audit script check to see if the software is running either as an application or as a service.   Both are standard AP commands.    A simple IF statement, and you can document the results to the Agent Procedure log, and run as simple log report to see the results, OR better yet, update a custom field with a Yes or No.

    In ClubMSP we do have a pretty good audit script called "WMI AntiVirus Info – Field Update" if you are interested in joining the Club!  (BTW, as a ClubMSP member, we would help you write the Audit script above (I checked and we don't seem to have one).

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  • Thanks Chris.  Am a member of ClubMSP., can you help write the script?

  • ,  just open a ticket "help at Virtualadministrator dot com", and we will get it done for you.   Let us know if you want a custom field or just a report?   I might need to work with you to check on the Bitdefender service/process since we don't use that.

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  • I agree with Chris re his suggestion for best methods to determine the presence of an installed program, in general.  There are a number of reasons why the easy approach of using the Audit data, can result in mis-information.  AuditResults is also the VSA's largest table, making Views based on querying that table, the least efficient approach.  

    Specifically regarding BitDefender though... is this BitDefender Gravity Zone (BDGZ) you are referring to?  If so, are you using, or familiar with, the integration BitDefender has developed for Kaseya VSA?

    The plugin is free if you already own BDGZ.  It can mirror your VSA Org.Group structure to BDGZ Company.Folder, and allow BD deployments via the VSA, through the plugin, which automates the processes of making sure the installed BD Endpoint checks into BDGZ in the appropriate location.  The plugin can also be set to automatically deploy to any Org, Group or machine you have NOT already set to intentionally skip.  The plugin will also test and report status to a CustomSystemInfo field, just like Chris is recommending.

    If your already deployed when you first sync, it can basically adopt the installations found, depending on how its setup.  There might be some tweeks required, but usually not, its pretty simple.  There ARE some BDGZ configuration requirements that might not be set if you purchased BD from anyone other then Kaseya.  Most important, you Company AND your BD UserAccount needs to be a "Partner" status to enable the integration.

    The plugin ALSO has a brand new features added this week, which allows you to create assignment rules that will automate BDGZ AV Policy assignment based on VSA Views!  That means, Servers can get a server policy, WS the WS policy... and ANY other variation you can imagine, fully automated through the VSA.  This level of automation from BD is ONLY possible when combined through THIS integration with the power of the VSA.

    Final point, as inferred previously... Kaseya is a premier reseller of the BitDefender Gravity Zone security suite... so if you purchased it elsewhere, its at least worth asking your Kaseya rep for a quote.  Our cost is based on the collective might of the entire Kaseya addressable market, so we can ofter sell you what your already buying, at a lower cost.  Most likely will not require a redeployment even though this is simple through the plugin.

    Here is a link to the Integration Guide.  Its a pretty dry read, but it details how it works..


    If you need assistance with the plugin or would like to discuss any of the details here, feel free to reach out to me directly or schedule a meeting with me through you Kaseya rep.  Happy to help.



    Kirk Feathers

    Vice President, Global Product Enablement


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  • Hi Chris, I will do that today.  Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Kirk,

    I really appreciate the explanation and help above.  I work nights, so I will read through the pdf tonight.  We do use BDGZ but I wasn't confident in its integration and it's current configuration.  I'll spend time tonight reading, tweaking and learning and post the results over the weekend.



  • Chris, can I use Programs Installed (Prompt for Name) but in reverse.  Programs *Not* Installed (Prompt for Name)?

  • Potentially yes, if you use the "new" reporting system, but again, this is only as good as the last audit.