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Find local PST files

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I'm looking for a way to find the name, size (even approximately) and path to any PST files that reside on a local machine.  Ideally this would be in a form that I can run against 50 or so end points and get a single report.  I found one procedure, but it only works against one endpoint at a time, which is too inefficient.


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  • Try sending the results to a txt file on the network and have it append to the file rather than overwrite. Point them all to the same file.

  • Hmmm.  That *might* work, but could run into problems when multiple end points are trying to write to the same file at the same time.

  • Check out this old post community.kaseya.com/.../7162.aspx it might do what you're looking for.  I used it to search out OST file sizes.  I'd have go to back in and check but I ran a modified version of that procedure to write the log file and then created a Report to gather the data from the log files from all of the computers.  My report gave the directory path, the computer name and AD username.  But I think the log created multiple lines if I ran it more than once rather than replacing the data.

  • Log individually and consolidate. We manage a couple of hundred logs per day from individual events and have a consolidation process that runs on 2-minute intervals. When logs get closed, they get consolidated to a master file and the event-specific file is deleted.

  • I did this in the last fortnight.

    I drop a powershell onto each agent and run it to gather the results into CSV

    I use transferfile() to copy the CSV to an agent where i can run a followup powershell to consolidate all the individual CSVs into one.