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Billable Time Per Ticket Report

  • SD Ticket Billing.zip


    Just wanted to share a report which may help with Service Desk Billing.

    The attached SQL and Report will show all Service Desk tickets that enter the closed stage within the last day.

    All you should need to do to get this report running is create the view in SQL Management Studio and replace the UnbilledRevenueByCustomer_portrait.rdl and UnbilledRevenueByCustomer_landscape.rdl files in \Kaseya\xml\Reporting\RDL\2008\ServiceBilling\ with the new ones attached.

    You can then access the report in the Info Center, Reports, Service Billing, Unbilled Revenue By Customer

    I have only done limited testing on this report so I can't guarantee it will work for everyone (or anyone else) but maybe it will.

    Below is a sample of the output report

    org Name ref machine summary resolution Note closed datetime Billable Minutes
    Demo Org CSN002620 desktop1 Test Ticket Closing Ticket as an Example 11/06/2012 11:00 4


    [edited by: Brad Hawkins at 3:40 PM (GMT -8) on Nov 6, 2012] Attaching new report and SQL.
  • I will attach the files again tomorrow, Integrated security was not working in the report and I forgot to remove the SA password.

  • New report and SQL attached, enjoy.