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Topology Map

  • Is it working for anyone? Is it useful?

    (I opened a ticket with K. It's not working for us)

  • It's working - not useful (unless you like a pretty picture with all the network devices on it) ... Probably more useful for large networks with several segments, than it it is for very small businesses like we manage (less than 10 and no segmentation)

  • My rep got very excited about the Toplogy Map, I said I would prefer them to fix more bugs. Either that or make KRC more stable and add drag and drop file transfers. Remember all those things they promised for KRC, I have a long memory Smile

  • My memory is long too! lol

    pic related
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  • Yes, unfortunately new development is for things that don't help (at least don't help us).

    We are looking actively for a KLC / KRC replacement and integrate this into Kaseya.

    Support won't work to integrate, old bugs (File Transfer mega slow compared to the old FTP transfer in kaseya) went unfixed for us since 2018 (bug confirmed by Support).

    I was told the vendor for the Remote Desktop access provider must provide a vzaz file (which I have no idea even what it is).

    We are testing several products.. but again, one more module that we need to use outside of Kaseya making the workflow to support our users very clunky.

    I would prefer 100% to get a fast remote access system than (for example) an IOS app that does nothing for me.

    With KRC I can't even connect reliably to 20-30% of my endpoints and when I do.. the experience is VERY painful.


    I think I can beat that screenshot in terms of Long memory :-) KVNC / RDP was the only thing we had.

    And it was much faster (bar the horrible connection time and losing connection when you were switching users in VNC).


  • I dont really think it is useful.

    Some month ago, I was hopping to have a graphical view of my assets on the network, as well as an option to see for example, my couple of switches on one of my branches and all the devices connected to them and see in a glance all the computers affected in case of one of the switches fails. However, the Topology Map can only display all the assets in circles. Just like you already have the option to see the assets discovered on a format List (Discovered Devices) or a Tile view (Discovered Devices - Tile View), you now have the circle view (Topoly Map)

    Some times does not work at the beginning. You will need to clear your cache from your browser.

  • I've been trying to get it to work - it's woeful.

    - There is no description of what Kaseya uses to identify, or define what a cluster is.I can't get Kaseya to show me anything other than a flat network - even when scanning multiple subnets which are physically distinct sites that are linked by IpSEC VPN between routers (and hence should be easily identifiable as such)

    - The green agent online ring isn't drawn until you click on each agent individually. So you don't really see a true status indication at all.

    - If you have two or more networks on the same LAN subnet, the topology map mixes them all together. Given we have dozens of networks on 192.168.0.x, 192.168.1.x and 10.0.0.x, it's an absolute disaster presently.

    - The 'network' filter in the topology map, is not the same as the network filter on "discovered devices" so there is a lot more clicking drop-downs than should be necessary when moving between screens.

    - The 'clear' button on the filters doesn't clear the network filter.

    Frankly, discovery is quite terrible, and so topology is only as good as the data discovery can find. The whole thing needs a re-do.

  • OK so a bit of an update. Just got off a call with Kaseya and went through a bunch of stuff with them.

    Two immediate take-aways for me:

    1. Topology absolutely requires SNMP for meaningful results. If your devices don't offer SNMP or it's not enabled, topology won't be able to collect the data it needs to draw an accurate map.

    So, ensure SNMP is enabled and your community string is correct.

    2. In Discovery - > by network. When defining your network, there is a check-box "Asset Status check". This must be enabled and the interval selected. (interval is in minutes - not stated). If status check isn't enabled, the green "agent online" ring doesn't work.

    Various bugs mentioned are acknowledged and being worked-on.

    I look forward to the fixes making their way out in time...but for me, we are now really working on understanding SNMP implementation. As we mainly deal with SOHO and SMB clients who usually don't run enterprise gear, we have limited or no SNMP capability -- just knowing that topology hinges on this requirement was a massive key point.

    It's nice to know Kaseya are listening - a positive experience I'm seeing a lot more of, of late.