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OS X Network Scan not working

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to probe a subnet range from an OS X agent.  The agent seems to be able to find all the active devices as they are all listed in the "discoveredIPs" file on the agent machine, however, the deep scan never gets to a progress bar and eventually it just finishes with no devices discovered.

    I test probing the same subnet from a windows pc agent and was able to "discover" some of the devices but not all of them.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong with either or both of the above?


  • Hi did you ever find a solution for "OS X Network Scan not working"? I ran into the same issue today, exactly as described.

    -quick scan shows several discovered devices

    -deep scan finishes without progressing past 0%

    -after scan "Discovered Devices" does not  show anything detected (no devices from quick scan)

  • I have an escalated support ticket in as I was told the network scan is broken for mac. No planned date or resolution in sight though.

  • Thanks for the info