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probe questions

  • does something actually get installed on the endpoint you designate as the probe?

    is it a single item or are there two (one for scanning probe and one for agent deployment probe)?

    does deleting the network in discovery uninstall probe settings?

    where are those settings saved on the endpoint? (for if i needed to manually clear it out)

  • The files are located in the agent installation directory\LANWatch and the agent temp directory\LANWatch.  I just had to clear them out myself.  I do not believe it uninstalls the probe settings.

  • thanks !

    do you know if i delete everything in these directories (or maybe just .old) is that safe to do? we are having problems with the scan working so i waned to purge it all out so i can start clean


    Feel free to delete them, they will be re-created when you run your next scan.