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Domain Watch keeps Processing, then keeps Uninstalling

  • Hi All,

    We've been using Kaseya Cloud for a few months, new to Kaseya.

    In Domain Watch, we have setup scheduled Full Sync a few weeks ago and working fine. Starting from last Thursday, Full Sync didn't finish and

    probe status was Processing.

    1. First thing, Kaseya Support installed the probe to another DC Y, then we have 2 DCs (X & Y) with probe deployment status 'Installed', but the probe

    status still 'Processing'.

    2. Then we Uninstall probe from the first DC X, now the probe deployment status for DC X is 'Un-installed', but the probe status is 'Uninstalling' over a day.

    Something interesting, I used 'Machine ID' filtering different group of machines, sometimes Probe Status is 'Uninstalling', sometimes is 'Installed' !

    I did try restarting Kaseya services on both DC X & Y, no luck !

    How to get rid of 'Uninstalling' ?

    Any suggestion and help is appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • Hi  

    I found your support ticket and asked for it to be reviewed as soon as possible.

    Kaseya Support will be able to provide further assistance on this.