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Discovery results not correct

  • Hi,

    anybody in the samen situation where the results figures of the scan don't match with the figures found in the VSA status pages ?

    were you able to correct this ?

  • Hi  

    I would start by creating a support ticket.

    If you feel comfortable with sharing what you are seeing, perhaps the community can advise.

  • Hi Nicolas,

    sorry for this late reply......

    what is happening and what I'm seing for all the Networks in Discovery is the fact that the total number at the right site SCANNED      ASSETS     AGENTS the total for AGENTS is never equal the total of agents when you look in the VSA AGENTS status view.

    forexample for one of the networks discovery is telling me that there are 14 agents but when I look through agents status view "number of installed agents" is 16. for another one 74 versus 108.

    for billing purposes we are monthly checking the number of agents at client site which for the moment is mostly manual because we need number of desktops / notebooks / Physical servers / Virtual servers....

    I would like to automate this process comparing VSA - DISCOVERY.....



  • Hey  

    To clarify, are you seeing installed 'Agents' on the 'Agent Status' page that do NOT appear on the 'Discovery' > 'Discovered Devices' Page?

    Or is it non-managed Assets (No agent installed) incorrect? (These would never show up on the agent Status Page)

  • Hi Nicolas,

    SCANNED      ASSETS     AGENTS are the columns in Discovery.

    shouldn't the last column match the number of agents installed at a client side !!


  • I am having difficulty understanding your question.  It sounds like you are comparing the numbers on scanned assets vs the number of agents in the agent status page?

    Could you provide some screenshots so we can clarify together?

  • vsa versus discovery aacuracy.docx

    Hi Oscar,

    here you are






  • It's most likely due to the fact that Discovery doesn't cross subnets, so you have 75 agents on 1 subnet and the rest in another. You'll need to create a network for each subnet, which makes discovery and the KNM module very hard to organize and use efficiently.