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User Policy Create VSA User bug

  • I found an interesting bug "workaround" today that I thought I would share.

    I create some new VSA users using the User Policy, Create VSA User option under Domain Watch in the Discovery module and 3 users accounts just would not show up under the VSA users, I retried it several times and ended up looking at the Database to see if I could find the problem.

    After a bit of tinkering I noticed that the only thing in common the 3 domain user accounts had that the other domain users account did not have was a NULL value for the "surname" field in the "kdsADUsers" table. I updated the lastname field for these user accounts in AD and rerun the Domain Watch scan and it fixed the issue.

    Hope somebody else can use this in the future.

  • Hey  

    Way to trick the system! Stick out tongue

    The SURNAME column in the KDSADUsers is passed to the System Module to create the user, which requires a Last Name to actually create a user.

    You can verify if the User fails to create in the Discovery > Administration > Audit Log page.

    This can also be queried directly from the database by checking the KDSADlog for message like '%error%':

    Ultimately, you may run into this again as the Active Directory user record on the Domain Controller is most likely missing the 'Last Name' on that specific record.

  • Good information thanks, I was looking at the system logs instead of the Discovery logs.