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More accurate identification of Operating System

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Hi Folks

Has anyone come up with a way to either tweak the nmap parameters or interpret the discovered details so as to more accurately determine if a device is actually Win7, or Win2008, or XP or POSReady.

I've run scans for a new customer and need to distinguish which of the devices are Windows XP i.e. expired and eligible for upgrade and which are Windows POSReady 7, which smells like XP but is different and supported until 2018. I can see 1124 devices, and around 170 are accurately seen as windows 2003 servers, and then everything else is either XP/2003 or Win7/2008.  The idea is to get a more accurate count before we start installing agents.

The current output is too vague.



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  • Unfortunately, nmap is only as accurate as the ports opened in the machine's firewall & a basic port scan, so this sort of detection is basically impossible - windows itself doesn't return any info via TCP sockets that can definitively ID a workstation OS in all cases.

    You'd need to push the agent & collect the OS name that way; you can always uninstall the agent from those you didn't want to keep afterwards.

  • If they are domain joined you might be able to get some more info out of AD, the only downside is that there might be computers in AD the no longer exist.

  • it will report Windows 10 as XP which has been an embarrassment to me and cost me business. i do not use Kaseya for pre-sails anymore.

  • well other products seem to be able to do this without any issue. Spiceworks is an example.

  • We've not seen this affect our reporting but it could be because we use other tools such as Warranty Master the fields may get properly updated.

    If this is a true sore spot for your reporting you could bypass the generic methods altogether, build a procedure with a custom field that executes a command to varible and insert it into that field.

    A command you could use to get OS and build is something like :

    "  systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"OS Name" /C:"OS Version "

    On server 2012 it would return something like this:

    OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

    OS Version:                6.3.9600 N/A Build 9600

  • that is fine if the device has an agent on it but when doing a network discovery it has yet to have the agent installed. it is identifying Linux boxes as windows servers and windows 10 as windows xp it is all over the place unreliable. i have used N-Able and Labtec in the past and both of these were able to correctly identify most network attached devices. i am able to use NMAP to get correct results so something is way wrong with the way VSA uses NMAP.