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Discovery shows results in Quickscan that are missing in Deep Scan

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And they don't show up in Discovered Devices so I can't push out agents......this is only happening with one client; others work fine


Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have

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  • Are the devices on a different subnet than the one with the agent you scanned with?

  • No, everything is on the same subnet, and I have exceptions set in the AV for both the executable folder and the working directory....I can see the QuickScan detects all the machines on the network but they then aren't loaded into the report of discovered devices.  Even the probe itself (which already has an agent isn't showing up

  • What I have found as a difference between devices that show and those that don't is the "Ping Results" under Misc Metrics.  Machines that are recorded properly show "localhost-response"  those that don't show "arp-response"  Does this info help anyone provide me with another step to try/look at?


  • In case you are still fighting with this, we have found that sometimes the re-scan pulls in the additional data, especially where the first time the scan runs for some reason it doesnt accurately detect the OS e.g have had motorola hand helds come up as Windows and WinXP come up as 2008.  However, usually we now scan frequently and devices not picked up for installation by policy on first scan are sometimes picked up the next time,

  • I have removed, rescanned, multiple times. The nmap does the correct scan, picks up all devices. however what was found in the nmap is not being placed in the grid view. Anyone know why?