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Deploy Agents Different Subnets

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Anyone have any good solutions on how to deploy agents across multiple subnets?  When I run a discovery scan, I can see all the devices within the quick scan but I am unable to install agents to them.  Anyone create a custom script or use third party tools to accomplish this?

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  • Kaseya is seriously limited in discovery. they seriously need to resolve this as it makes the entire product rather rinky dinky


    Discovery has multiple sub-feature sets such as LAN and Domain watch deployments.

    When I utilize discovery and the agent is not installing, I focus on both the deploy attempt and deploy status:

  • I was about to post on this, although discovery can be hit and miss it definitely has the ability to install across subnets as long as the deploying machine can route to it. The most common issue is the machine wont be at the office and it will fail (obviously because its on a separate not routeable LAN).

  • We have a kaseya procedure that harvests computer names from AD (via powershell), then executes a psexec command to install the kaseya agent to the list of machines. If the machines are in different subnets and reachable, the agent will install accross subnets.

    The meat of the script (where #ADHosts# = a list of computers in the domain):

    #PDIR#\psexec.exe @#ADHosts# -accepteula -d -c -f #PDIr#\KcsSetup.exe /s /g=#vMachine.groupName# >>#LF# 2>>&1

    The limitations are that the machine needs to have AD Powershell (i.e. Import-Module Active Directory), and the current logged in user needs to be a domain admin.

    We usually only use this procedure with WIndows 2012/2016 domain controllers. Send me a PM and I'll send over the XML for related procedures.

    You can also create the host list for psexec by running "net view" to a text file, then massaging it so that each line contains a computer name.

  • We utilize a group policy (with associated PoSh script) that takes advantage of a .csv file noting the IP subnet & the associated Kaseya machine sub-group for the IP range.

    The script is "smart" in the sense that it will ignore any kaseya agent that is not ours.  If our agent is not there it will install the agent, adding the system to the correct machine group based on the IP address, and if our agent is there it will verify the health of the agent services making sure that our agent is operational and checking-in.

    If this is of interest as a solution (to anyone), drop me a line and I'll make a generic form of it (along with instructions for setup & use) available via OneDrive 4 Business

  • I absolutely love this approach for multiple reasons.

    Great suggestion