I had posted a question about this bug in a different thread here, but then noticed that the discussion would likely better fit here instead since this problem seems to be limited to Network Discovery.

I've got a HP ProCurve 2910al-48G Switch with SNMP enabled with a community value of "public".  From the server where Kaseya Network Monitor is loaded, I am correctly able to traverse the tree with net-snmpwalk as well as using KNM's own MIB browser.  Yet, when I use Network Discovery, it finds the machine without assigning it any monitors (not even ping).

I've done a screen capture of this which I've posted on YouTube.  Be sure to select 720p HD to be able to read the text:


Is there any logging/debug mode to tell me why this is happening?  Note that Network Discovery had no problems auto-assigning monitors to my older HP 2848 switch.