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KND to Visio?

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I am new to Kaseya and so far I like everything it has to offer. But, I was wondering if there is a way to export the findings from KND to Microsoft Visio.

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  • Unlikely at the moment, i'd be interested to know if it is coming though

    Put it through to feature requests and guage their feedback

    If you have a portal.kaseya.com account chuck it in a feature request there aswel

    I am going to do just that right now (portal.kasey....) The more people that do it the more likely it is kaseya will take notice.

  • I believe recently they were talking about KND generating network diagrams within Kaseya (in future releases), but didn't mention exporting out to any other programs.

    Would be a nice option though!

  • I will do that. Thaks

  • Ditto!

  • Where is the feature request?

  • A caveat on this request:  at the current time, KND is unable to scan more than a single subnet, so any network diagrams you get will be essentially variants on a wagon wheel with the default gateway as the hub.    So exporting to Visio is going to have limited value.  Basically you get a bunch of icons, with no worthwhile connectivity intormation.

    Once KND can do routers (and maybe switches, but probably not) properly, it's another story.


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  • here's somethinng that might be of interest


    i think i might start makting a SharePoint Dashboard and pull data from the Kdb

  • Good find c0rs0 - that opens up quite a few ideas in my mind, not really around the KND side of things but using this to publish some of our other data to one of our SharePoint servers.  Very interesting indeed.