This might be interesting for Network minded people / Kaseya's development and product management people (Everyone basically)

I saw another forum post that mentioned KND was crashing a customers phone system. (Most likely IP Phones). I can corroborate this and say it happened to a customer of ours. 

We have only had one customer where this has happened and i think it might be worth knowing why.

Some facts / thoughts:

KND Collector is broadcasting the polling information to get what it needs.
Only customer with NO Spanning tree protocol turned on
Only customer with NO IGMP turned on
IP Phone system "not very smart" and about 8 years old 
Not all switches support either IGMP or STP, some are unmanaged, so turning on IGMP and STP on the managed switching is probably pointless 

Wireshark reported tonnes of broadcast traffic from the KND Collector whilst it was installed / the phone system down.

I can't confirm that turning on STP and IGMP will fix the issue, but i have a fair suspicion it will.

The reason why i mention this all in this thread and not the other is for a few reasons.

It is a sales opportunity to upgrade the customers phone system
It is a sales opportunity to upgrade the customers switching
It is a work opportunity to configure switching properly.
It is a win if we in this case, change the customers network up, add multiple redundant paths etc.

I really only write this because its not always Kaseyas fault when a feature doesn't work or is incompatible with a customers network

And that every happening on our customers network is an opportunity to secure more worth with them. 

Could someone from Kaseya (Jeff?) confirm that KND is broadcast centric and that a poorly configured network could result in network downtime when KND is used?