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Basic KND Issue / SNMP Not functioning?

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Kaseyans - 

I have had KND up and running for about 2.5 weeks now, and I still have an issue where devices that are configured with SNMP are not communicating to the collector on the same subnet. For example, I have the collector installed on a small LAN, with 2 other servers, 2 switches, and 1 firewall all configured with the same SNMP string. The collector is installed and seeing these devices IPs, but not picking up any SNMP data, and reporting that SNMP is NOT installed. If I do a LAN watch, it does pick up those servers and devices, but KND seems to not see them. Is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance!

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  • Have you checked if the devices have a community string other than 'public'? If so, you need to change the string used by the collector by going to Monitoring button > Set SNMP Community.

    Otherwise you may find something in the collector logs (\Program Files\Kaseya\knetcollector\logs).