Now how does the SNMP part of this work in terms of configuration and output. So far I gather that it tells me that a device has SNMP but in the events section it tells me SNMP scan is disabled. Obviously some SNMP info was read when it shows interface info for switches right? So how do you enbable the SNMP scan?

I have found some other type settings features on the very very bottom of the left folder pane. I mean if you werent inspecting every nook and cranny looking for something more you would never even notice the mm bars that if clicked on bring up some scanning profiles and ping profiles settings. The scan profile shows SNMP off so I added a read name and it shows on but none of the devices event have changed.

When the Scan now button is pressed what does that actually do? Im not seeing any noticable scan or changes being made, or a scan happening in collector status.

Last but certainly not least how does one go from this discovery phase to creating a monitor set or alarm set for the discovered devices?

Ok one more is this data retained in the database within the other machines data listings or does this have its own table.


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