I am using the new Network Discovery module on a K2 test server right now and it is *AWESOME*. Knowing that it is still in beta, and much more work is planned to be done with it, here are the high points:

* Magically sniffs out all IP devices on a given LAN
* Uses NMAP to try and guess what they are
* Uses SNMP to figure out what's inside (yes settable community string per device! It tries public by default)
* Uses MRTG to give you graphs of whatever's graphable on a given machine (router, switch, mac, linux, windows, etc.)

Here's what needs work:

* GUI Layout. Some of the ways the GUI works are awesome... but some things (like lack of resizable elements) need work
* Icons. Based on the NMAP scan, it decides what icon to assign. You can set a "classification" if it guesses wrong, but that doesn't change the icon.
* Classifications. List and icons not yet customizable. I'd love to have, for instance "Network\Switch\HP" and such.
* Identification. When the NMAP "guess" is wrong, you can't tell it to change what it thinks.
* Friendly Names. Right now each discovered machine is called, for instance _a_b_c_d.root.myOrg and can't be changed. Would be nice for it to figure out what the machine name is and rename, or let you rename yourself.
* Organizational structure. I had some K2 agents in groups other than "root.myOrg" and it couldn't see them to install on them. I moved them and it worked, and then moved them back out and they're still showing as root.myOrg
* SMI/LiveConnect. Unlike the rest of the toolset, you can't get to LiveConnect by clicking on the status icon of the agent in question.
* Changes. It doesn't seem to like it if you move a machine to another subnet... even if you uninstall/reinstall the collector, it still wants to scan its original subnet.
* Manual control. You can't really tell it what to scan, or when. It goes default on "My current subnet" and "every 2 hours". You can tell it "scan right now" but you can't say "...and every hour afterwards"

I am certain all of the above shortcomings are on the dev. team's list already, just mentioning them for people who want to try the module out at this stage. You must have a K2 server. If you are interested, contact Jeff.Keyes@Kaseya.com - he's a great guy and will get you set up Smile

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