We are currently running Kaseya 6.2 on 2 virtual servers (both Server 2008 R2), the back-end being SQL 2008

We are looking to ultimately upgrade to Kaseya R8, as well as, move to a new VM.

Via Kaseya support, there is no direct upgrade path between 6.2 and R8.  Below are the steps they advised and I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has been down this road and any positive/negative experiences or pitfalls to avoid.

We will be taking Xen snapshots (and creating backup VMs) as well as Datto images, just in case, to have multiple back out paths.

1. On current VMs, upgrade from 6.2 to 6.5 (removing Network Discovery module first)

2. On current VMs, upgrade from 6.5 to R8.  After upgrade, update client agents.

2a.  Test out for a bit and assuming all is well

3. Build a new VM, Server 2012 R2 with SQL 2012 (consolidating to single server, we have just under 1300 agents)

4. Archive data + DB on current VMs

5. Copy data tree structure to new VM, install R8, THEN restore KSubscribers database and verify/fix SQL user mappings.

6. Change DNS to point to new VM and hope everything just works :

I'm looking for feedback from any one who has gone through this upgrade path or has experience with it - please critique any step and advise of issues I should be aware

This is very much appreciated