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Deleted the sample event sets from 6.3 Standard Solutions Pack... how to restore?

  • I deleted all the event sets (the one starting with zz[SYS]) because I just couldn't stand the clutter and wanted to create a fresh new event set.  However I decided I wanted to restore some back and use them to build one list off of.  How can I ge them back?  Or does anyone have the exported versions saved?


    Thanks in advance

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  • System Tab -- Configure Section ... Second Section down has 3 checkboxes, one of which restores the sample scripts when you do a DB Maintenance Cycle. SO if checked it should restore the scripts overnight for you.

  • Tried that… Forced a manual backup of the DB and also reloading the hotfix.  No dice 

  • lol - i had the opposite problem years ago - wanted to get rid of the samples and they kept reloading and I could not figure it out, then unchecked that box and they stopped getting loaded ... you can probably do a ticket on this and support can reload for you ...

  • Yeah... I already done so.  Their support is absolutely terrible.  First they sent me an article yesterday which didn't help, 24 hours later they respond, now I've been waiting 2 1/2 hours since their last response when they said they would email me the xml files to import.

  • I know - I have several tickets in at the moment that have had ZERO response on them for over a week ... good thing it's nothing show stopping for me tho .... all cosmetic crap ...