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NOT installing any form of VNC or RDP access configuration on machines -> Possible?

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I wanted to know if there is any configuration to NOT have VNC/KVNC install when the agent installs. I have had issues where clients have mentioned seeing the icon, and I do have a procedure to remove it, but I just wondered if there was anyway to completely skip that install when installing the agent on a target machine. I have tried using RDP/terminal services as the default selection for my agent templates, but VNC still installs. Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advance!



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  • Justin, did you ever get anywhere with this? I do not mind that VNC installs with the agent, but I never had an issue with the clients being able to see the icon before we upgraded to 6.2 (I'm on the SAAS version of Kaseya). Immediately after upgrade I received numerous calls asking about the task bar icon. If the user clicks on it, he has full access to the settings. There is also a full set of shortcuts installed in the start menu. Clicking on them yields all kinds of confusing windows for the user.

    I want to know why all of a sudden these things are now visible, why it only occurs on some machines, and how to remove it. You mentioned a script?