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uninstall of a module

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  • What's your question?

  • My guess is that the OP wants to know how to uninstall a module from the VSA.  If he doesn't, it's certainly of interest to me.

  • Just re-run the package installer and it will remove the module. i.e. If you no longer want KND on your VSA system just re-run the KND install Package and the best will disappear.

    Don't forget to remove (uninstall) any Agent based components that may have been deployed before you remove the package from the VSA.

  • Great tip, but this doesn't appear to work with all modules.  For example rerunning the KDPM installer simply re-installs the KDPM module.

  • Just uninstall by the Add / Remove program

  • Well that was entirely too easily, and painfully obvious.  I'll go tend to my dented forehead now.

  • Sorry for some reason my post was not captured.  So I have several modules that we tried but have decided not to license.  I want to remove them from the VSA.  Is it as simple as removing from control panel.  We are a Windows shop.