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Webroot Deployment for SaaS

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How do you deploy Webroot through existing Kaseya agents in (SaaS) VSA? I understand there's also a script.

Amazing to me this question is not in the KB, University or FAQ...

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  • Probably because items like this are covered in the training when you sign up for Kaseya.

    It's extremely simple. Go into your webroot global console and download the installer for that client. Go back into Kaseya and run through the "Application Deploy" wizard. It'll ask you to upload the Webroot executable and then you choose which agents to install to. It's a silent installation (no switches needed if you download the right file). Piece of cake.

  • Automation Exchange has some XML files you can import into Agent Procedures.  Installs for both Mac and PC.  You can also duplicate these procedures and program the Webroot keycode into it to avoid any prompts.


  • The webroot Secure-Anywhere console also has instructions of various deployment methods per site.  It's pretty useful to customize deployment per sites.