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Agent Procedures on New Installed Agent for On boarding computer

  • This is the Objective:

    When a new Kaseya Agent is installed on a computer in an organization we need it to install and configure that workstation to standard ASAP without having to wait so many hours for it. 

    - Update it to Windows 10 1909
    - Install Adobe Acrobat, Chrome, Firefox, 7-Zip 
    - Install Webroot automatically (we have an agent procedure working already)
    - Run any other agent procedures. 

    What we tried:
    *  Policy with all the agent procedures - issue is that it can take 24 hours for policy to apply agent procedures (as per this article Kaseya Article

    * Agent Monitoring Alert that would run procedures on an Org for New Agents Installed. - This works, but would I have to build 1 procedures to run all procedures?

    * 3rd Party Deploy - works but limited software titles and to deployment profile schedule 


    What is the best practical way to do this? 
    If you answer is to have 1 procedure run the rest of procedures. Should we measure how long each procedure run and put pauses between each? 

    We have Kaseya VSA R95 SaaS

  • Alarm - New Agent Installed is your friend... Chaining procedures with delays is not.

    Our system uses this alert. Within 6 minutes of first check-in, we have configured/customized the agent, run our audit (daily and monthly data), configured patching and application updating, and deployed monitor sets based on audit data. Once that is done, one of our apps takes over and initiates a series of Agent Procedures defined by MSP, then Client requirements. Procedures can continue on failure of others or cause the process to stop and generate an alarm. Apps can be installed by procedure, Ninite Pro, or Chocolaty.

    Our MSP clients leverage this to configure new customer workstations - unbox and connect to the network on the MSP tech bench; install a client-specific agent that installs to the correct machine group, then they go take client calls while the automation runs. 30-minutes later, they return, verify the tasks completed successfully, and box up the machine for shipping. Everything right down to domain join is automated. New client onboarding is equally streamlined, using Discovery for semi-automated agent deployment. The only manual process is scheduling the server patching, and that's done with an Excel spreadsheet and a pair of apps to read and then set the patch schedules.

    The only thing that our clients generally haven't automated for onboarding is the W10 upgrade, mostly because it can be somewhat finicky. They will deploy that update and then deploy the agent and initiate the automation.


  • I understand that agent monitoring alerts run only one procedure for new agent install, correct? unless I can create more alerts for new agent installs but I don't think that is the case.

    Someone suggested templates which seemed to be built for this? Would that be the answer?

  • Our solution can run an unlimited number of agent procedures to complete an onboarding of a new agent. This is triggered by a single alert, running a single procedure. That procedure does call two others - it determines if the client is a thick or thin client, optionally performs the thin-client prep to allow updating, and then triggers the onboarding procedure.

    You definitely do not need multiple alerts to make this work and Heavens NO to templates!