Hey Team,

I am excited to share the following development coming to VSA!

We are very excited to announce that we will be rolling out a series of UI changes that will improve the VSA user experience. The first change modernizes the top and left side menus making them more intuitive. It will allow IT teams to ramp up much more quickly on the product and work more efficiently, with fewer clicks to accomplish common tasks.


​​​​​Figure 1: Screenshot showing the new VSA User Interface (Above).  Image is for illustration purposes and should not be considered as the final representation.


The new UI will be enabled by default. There is a dependency on HTTPS for the new UI. If you are using HTTP, the new UI will not be available. This is VERY IMPORTANT- VSA HTTP support will be formally deprecated on August 1, 2019. For those still using HTTP, once HTTPS has been enabled, there will be an option to enable the new UI. The existing UI will only be available until August 21st 2019.  


If you need help configuring HTTPS and setting up a security certificate, you can find more information on SSL Certificates here: Security Certs and VSA. VSA supports self-signed, and trusted CA SSL certificates.


There are some UI changes that are important to mention. In an effort to standardize the Kaseya brand across products, VSA branding will be changed with the new UI, including a reskinned login page. Regarding customization, there will still be support for custom branding, but color selections will no longer be available (the intent is to provide configurable color themes in future enhancements). In addition, Bookmarks will no longer be available, and the location of Help, Status, and Notes will move from the existing side menu to the new top bar.


Stay tuned for more UI updates that will help you get things done faster.

[edited by: Oscar Romero at 5:56 AM (GMT -7) on Apr 19, 2019]