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Change bulk mail adresses

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Because we changed domain name, is it possible to change in an easy way all mail adresses? So for example; Every event, error, warning etc. are going to mail@company.com. But we needs to change that to mail@brandnewcompany.com.

It is impossible to change every single event by hand. So there must be a way to do this in the database or so? In the export/import center it will nog export the settings with mail adresses.

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  • Hi  

    It is possible via the database, I would recommend creating a support ticket on how to properly change and what to change, depending on what you configured.

    Each alert usually corresponds to a different table in SQL that needs to be updated.

    Here is an example of how to update Agent Status Alerts;  UPDATE alertAgentOffline SET alertEmail='@newEmailAddr' WHERE alertEmail like '%' + '@oldEmailAddr' + '%';

    If you want to do it from the User Interface, you can copy all the settings to an agent template, update the template with the new email, and copy the settings to all the new devices, but this may be more work then what you want to do.