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Policy Management question

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Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since i've had to set up anything in Kaseya, the last migration was handled by professional services and as such, i'm confused with Policy Management despite following the videos / training guides.

Here's what i've done....

System > Orgs/Groups/Depts/Staff > Manage > Select customer > Systems Management - I configured everything there

I then go to

Policy Management > Assignment > Organisations / Machine Groups > Customer > and see all the policies there. 

I then go to 

Policy Management > Assignment > Machines > and it shows up ....""NO Policy" applied. 

I thought the Systems Management configuration was meant to configure and apply policies immediately? 

Any tips? 

I don't recall ever having trouble setting  this up before. 

Hope it's just me doing something wrong


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  • Mark,

    The policies are assigned to the org/machine groups relatively quickly after completing the wizard. However, depending on the number of agents in the selected organization, it can take several minutes (sometimes longer) for all of the settings to apply to the individual agents.  The settings will only apply to the agents associated with the organization on which the systems management wizard was configured.

    If you don't see the settings apply, give the process some time to complete.  You can also verify the Policy > Settings > Deployment Interval is configured to something other than "Manual".  If you want to try to force the process faster, navigate to Policy > Machines, select the machines, then click the "Reprocess Policies" button.  This should not be necessary, but you can run this if you want to give the policies a 'kick'.  One gentle warning about reprocess policies:  it can be a resource-expensive process for the KServer, depending on the number of agents and the number of settings.  If your KServer is at a high load, I would not recommend using Reprocess Policies on a large number of agents.  

  • Thanks Brande

    That's definitely the way i was doing, looks like a bug to me, it's been a couple of days and i can't see the policies applied at all, did almost nothing different to the way i usually do it.

    I have a support case open, i'll see what they say.

    Thanks again :)