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Assistance Filtering SharePoint Patches

  • I have been trying to figure out a way to filter out SharePoint Patches without much success. We manage our patches by only approving the top 6 criteria from Microsoft, High Priority, Critical, etc... The SharePoint patches usually fall in one of those categories, under the product Office. I have yet to find a way to easily filter out these patches without manually locating them and then denying. The filter function doesn’t seem to work well I can’t even filter "Office" as a product.  Is there an easier way to locate these patches and deny them?

  • Our SharePoint strategy is to deny every single patch that mentions SharePoint.  We've been caught out with so many of these in the past, minor updates that caused merry hell and major updates that rendered sites completely unusable.

    We now take note and pass them onto our SharePoint team to deal with.  It's my experience that due to the customisations that are usually made to sites performing any patching can cause more problems than it cures.

    I just look through the list of patches needing approved and if it mentions SharePoint then it's denied.  You can also search through all the approved/denied patches and move them to the appropriate setting.