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Disk Space Monitoring Policy Overrides

  • Hi All,

    I've been looking at this for a while and as yet haven't really found a solution. I've setup up some generic policies which we intend to apply to all of our clients/organisations. I've started with a flat 10% across the board on all disks, which on the whole works fine.

    The issue I'm finding is that for some servers, I want to reduce this to say 5% or maybe not monitor it at all (as it's a paging drive). If I apply the monitor I require lower down, then this alerts at both the 10% level (applied globally) and the 5% level applied to the group. I have found that if I apply a policy which has the same monitor set as the global policy (but does not alert or create a ticket), and set the new 5% level AT (Alert & Ticket) then this does work, but it will still alarm and show on the alarm summary dashboards.

    What does everyone else do to overcome this? I don't want to have to create policies on a server by server basic, but I can't see any easy way of overriding the global policy I've set. I could apply something directly to a machine, but then if someone re-applied the policies again it will overwrite the local settings.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.



  • Hi Simon,

    Have a look at this thread for some ideas - http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/27/t/18856.aspx