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Stolen laptop

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My colleague's laptop is stolen. Is there a good way to use the agent?

I have read some articles about a stolen laptop recovered thanks to Kaseya.

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  • Hi Wesley,

    Should the agent check in, you could try to take it over ( silent take control, disable vnc icon in settings ) or keep executing a agent procedure to take screenshots, collect his gateway IP adress for a possible option to track it by contacting the ISP.

    But then again, the agent should be online for this and usually they get formatted right away.

    Best of luck.

    With kind regards,


  • Hi Wesley

    As Jeroen suggests if it checks in then you can do pretty much anything to the machine.  I'm in favour of trying to track it and pass the details to the Police.  However in my experience once the machine has been stolen that's the last it's ever seen as the thief can't normally get past a logon screen so wipes the device and install a new OS.

    What you can do is go to Audit > Machine Summary > Alerts and set it up so that the system will email you if it does come back online.  I'd also go to Agent > Agent Menu and untick Enable Agent Icon. This will hide the agent icon in case prying eyes notice the program running.

    If it does check in again have a procedure ready to take screenshots every minute or so in the hope you can catch some useful info, address in a website or a logged in social media account.

    Good luck


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  • You should talk to Kaseya about this as they have worked closely with other MSPs and have some interesting methods.

    Whereas i have seen most posters in the forums talk about stealth methods such as screen shots and logging IP addresses etc., some people have had success with putting a message on the screen along the lines of "This machine is stolen property - please return it to your nearest police station." as often if the machine is booted up without being formatted, it is by someone who has innocently purchased it second hand rather than the perpetrator. Something to think about anyway but as I say get on to Kaseya right away and get their advice.